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Decide on the appropriate export procedure

Internal export departments

Most large companies have their own exporting department. Exporting details handled include transport analysis, shipping arrangements, documentation, customs, packing/labeling, cargo insurance, and consolidation.

External export services

Smaller companies often choose to engage freight forwarders or use export management software to guide them through the export procedure. Either freight forwarder services or export management software must be purchased but represent far more economical options for smaller businesses that are unable to dedicate an entire department to the exporting process.

Freight Forwarders

1. Freight forwarders handle the export procedure for companies. You can find information and price quotes for freight forwarders on many Websites. These sites have useful information ranging from packaging materials to means of transportation to the latest tracking features.

Export Management Software

Export management software allows you to submit general information between numerous countries (which would have all different forms) in one universal form to submit. It then guides you through a series of questions in order to make sure you are not illegally exporting to certain countries or using inconsistent standards with other countries. The software may also produce a commercial invoice and related documents for you. Examples may be found online at Trade Solutions, Fountainhead, RSI, export software demo.


3globe.jpg Gosselin World Wide Web Home Page

Purpose: Information about overseas shipping, specifically to Europe and the Netherlands.
Content: Contact Information, shipping rates (container and non-container based), shipment locations, hand-over costs, overseas storage of business and personal property.
Site Strengths: Detailing listings of shipment costs and options, overseas storage rates are very useful.
Ease of Use: Moderately difficult, site is visually unappealing, some information difficult to find. The site can take sometime to load for non-European users.
Operated By: Gosselin World Wide Moving
Cost: Free

4globe.jpg export

Purpose: Provides export information especially valuable to small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Content: Country reviews, industry surveys, communications services info, trade shows search engine, UPS shipping info, global business directory listings for small business networking via ExporTel.
Site Strengths? The Country Review section is an excellent source for market research. Reports provide valuable information on over 80 countries in trade, investment, and risk assessment. Reports are compiled from more than 150 credible sources, like the U.S Department of Commerce and the Federal Trade Commission, and are updated on a regular basis.
Ease of Use: Good - Organized and easy to read. Provides quick and easy access to export topics, with the exception of the Trade Statistics section, which is currently unavailable.
Operated By: International Strategies, Inc., Boston, MA Sponsors include AT&T, United Parcel Service, and American Express Co.
Cost: Mostly free!! Registration is required to access reports and data. Reports are free to read. To print, however, a $35 fee is assessed to setup a print account for up to 10 reports. Purchase additional reports in groups of 10 at a cost $25 thereafter.


Purpose/Content: Provides extensive information on freight forwarding, including transportation options. Price quotes for shipping internationally available on-line.
Content:Portion of review unavailable.
Site Strengths?:Portion of review unavailable.
Ease of Use:Amazingly easy. It sends you through the process without confusion and allows you to easily find specific information.
Operated By: Worldwide Transmanager
Cost: Free


Article Small Business Development Center

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is wise stop for any small businessperson interested in exporting. Their goal is to help you lay out a strategy to meet your business needs. Basic services are Free.

An Interview with Professor Mike Giambattista

Professor Mike Giambattista shares his professional international business experience and recommendations for exporters seeking to start or increase their efforts.

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