Marketing Tips

Business Culture



  • It is wise to know Brazilian history and culture, including the Portuguese language.
  • If invited out, bring a small gift.
  • If you are bringing flowers, never use purple, as it is associated with death.
  • Avoid wearing green or yellow (same as the flag).
  • Do not eat anything with your hands.
  • Do not drink from a bottle or can, use a glass.
  • Don't assume Spanish is enough, can be insulting.
  • Never begin conversation during a meal.

Legal Environment:

Brazil is organized as a Federal Republic and its legal system is based on Roman civil code. A foreign company must obtain written permission to operate a branch in Brazil.

Mercosur: South America’s Version of NAFTA

Mercosur mission is to promote free trade and open up borders across South America. Mercosur will greatly influence companies and potential entrants doing business in South America.