Marketing tips

Business Culture


  • Adopt the “ladies first” attitude
  • Egyptians tend to keep a close distance in face-to-face conversation
  • Repeat your offer several times.
    • Egyptians often ignore the first offer because an offer made only once may be just a gesture of politeness
  • Hosting dinner is a common practice to reciprocate hospitality and show your gratitude.
  • Remove your shoes when one is visiting a mosque, mausoleum, or “madrasa”


  • Drugs, alcohol and pork are considered unclean in Muslim society
  • Religious recruitment or conversion attempts are illegal in Egypt
  • Pornography in any form (e.g., magazines, photos, video) is prohibited
  • It's bad etiquette for men to talk to Egyptian women they don't know
  • Tips or other gratuities may offend some business people or professionals as degrading
  • It's dangerous to walk alone deserted areas
  • Don't accept anything (including polite invitations) from strangers

Legal environment