Marketing Tips

Business Culture



  • Handshakes should be light and short.
  • Anticipate lively debates over cross-cultural activities.
  • Keep your hands above the table when dining.
  • Share in appreciation for the French educational system.
  • Dress in dark suits and ties.
  • When sending flowers, avoid roses.
  • Slap an open palm over a closed fist.
  • Never cut your salad.
  • Avoid personal questions.

Legal Environment:

France is a civil code country, with laws substantially influenced by European regulations. Since1994, protection has increased against infringements of intellectual property rights by applying stricter criminal penalties. Foreign business is actively encouraged.


Working with Export Partners in the European Union

Despite European unification, doing business in Europe can be trickier for U.S. exporters than inpre-EU times. Cultural and legal differences are potential pitfalls, and choosing the right agent or distributor for your product can also be difficult.