Malaysiaís economy is growing steadily. The United States is Malaysiaís second largest importer. Malaysia has a population of approximately 22.2 million people with more than 36% who are at least 15 years old. These fairly young adults are likely to be engaged in future businesses. Malaysia also has a high demand in new technology making new technological developments attractive.


Marketing Tips

Business Culture

Dos †††

  • Be sure to include your education, professional qualifications, and business title in your business card.
  • Always accept otherís business cards with two hands.
  • Be sure to remain calm under any circumstances.
  • Handshakes are usually 10-12 seconds and you must use both hands.
  • Only shake a Malaysian womanís hand if she volunteers first, otherwise a nod and smile will work.
  • Ask to be excused followed by a small bow.


  • Do not write on other peopleís business cards.
  • On receiving business cards, donít immediately put them away; take a second to look at them instead.
  • Do not smoke or wear sunglasses when talking to elders.
  • Do not show anger (this means you have no control and you gain no respect or trust).

Legal System

Malaysiaís legal system is based on the British Common Laws. This makes it easier for U.S companies to establish a business because they are more familiar with the British Common Laws than any other legal system.