Marketing Tips

Business Culture


  • Always be well dressed: Men should wear suits and ties; women should wear dresses
  • Address Nigerians by title
  • Follow-up is highly recommended
  • Nigerians prefer that important businesses be conducted face-to-face
  • Make sure someone you know meets you at the airport because harassment and violence are common
  • A Handshake is the most appropriate way to greet a Nigerian
  • Contact top management if you want to close important deals
  • Bring business cards if you are meeting with a small group of people and have limited time
  • Give each office you visit a letter (on letterhead) describing your company
  • Expect long greetings and personal conversations on the first meeting


  • Donít make important appointments over the phone because Nigeriaís telephone system is not reliable
  • Donít contact lower-level people to help reach a decision.
    •  There is a risk of delaying or complicating the deal
  • Donít need good inside contacts to reach important decision makers
  • Donít show signs that you are trying to rush through the first formal meeting; itís considered insulting

Legal System

Nigeriaís legal system follows English Common Law.