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Mercosur: South America’s Version of NAFTA

Mercosur mission is to promote free trade and open up borders across South America. Mercosur will greatly influence companies and potential entrants doing business in South America.

Web Sites

5globe International Monetary Fund
· Purpose: Site is an informational tool for the IMF to promote currency exchange stability and economic growth.
· Content: Topical international news and information, country specific economic information, members' IMF status, IMF fund rates, news releases, standards/codes, publication search option.
· Why Is It Good? The information provided by the IMF enables you to get an idea of whether a country is having financial trouble, based on loans and balance of payments. Only useful for technically oriented information because it is very specific.
· Ease Of Use: Good - requires adobe acrobat.
· Who Runs It? IMF - International organization with 182 member countries.
· Cost? FREE

5globe Tradeport
· Purpose: Provides trade information on different countries.
· Content: Demographics, background notes, political environment. More specific information about countries is listed as well. Good links to other sites.
· Why Is It Good? Provides links and contact information and emails to reach consultants for more information about certain countries.
· Ease Of Use: Excellent, simple design, user friendly.
· Who Runs It? BAYTRADE and LA TRADE. Developed by SAIC Internet Solutions.
· Cost? FREE

4globe Latin Focus
· Purpose: To provide economic and financial analysis and identify key issues affecting markets.
· Content: Latin American financial data (focus). Some links on: general country background, political info and economic info
Economic summaries by country
· Why Is It Good? Information separated by country. The economic information are mostly charts providing an overview on issues like inflation, balance of payments, exchange and interest rates and local stock/bond markets. General/political information is minimal.
· Ease Of Use: Layout is good, charts provide a helpful overview.
· Who Runs It? Independent international consulting firm.
· Cost? FREE

4globe Latin Trade
· Purpose: Web site for the magazine, Latin Trade, and portal to other Latin American business Web sites.
· Content: This is the online version of the print magazine. Links to LA sites on country reports, companies, government info, media outlets, reference library, and banking resources. Book recommendations on Latin American business. Searchable interface with LatinTrade's Business Travel Guide 2000 (a good business travel guide with very detailed information). News headline tool from Latin American news sources with major segments.
· Why Is It Good? All areas load fairly quickly. Nearly all site content can be viewed in both English and Spanish. Good business travel info. Country information is current, savvy, and comprehensive. "Archives" section is unfriendly.
· Ease Of Use: Quite good, although broad and extensive.
· Who Runs It? Latin Trade Magazine (based in Florida, US).
· Cost? FREE

3globe International Business Forum
· Purpose: Covers business, economy, exports and imports of different countries around the world.
· Content: Provides information about business opportunities in the international marketplace. Intended for companies wishing to export or expand into foreign markets as well as for those interested to acquire products and services from other countries.
· Why Is It Good? Provides links and contact information and emails to reach consultants for more information about certain countries.
· Ease Of Use: Good, easy to use. Mostly text.
· Who Runs It? International Business Forum.
· Cost? FREE

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