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Teddy Toes Company

Sisters 3 focused efforts on exporting their products to Japan due to the company's perception of Japan's desirable market condition for baby outerwear. Unfortunately, the company, like many other American exporters, has not properly identified distribution channels, nor accounted for cultural differences and language barriers, therefore producing difficulties in their exporting attempt.

Understanding the Chinese Business Networking Concept: "Guanxi"

In order to make your presence in China successful, you must understand one of the most important elements of running business operations in China - “guanxi”.

Doing Business In China

Contain information on doing business in China. It will present the pros and cons of the opportunities in this country and the risks associated with each.

The Continued Impact of Asian Crisis on Washington State Trade

How did the Asian Crisis affect the Port of Seattle, and what does the future for trade with Asian countries look like?


Web Sites

5globe International Monetary Fund
· Purpose: Site is an informational tool for the IMF to promote currency exchange stability and economic growth.
· Content: Topical international news and information, country specific economic information, members' IMF status, IMF fund rates, news releases, standards/codes, publication search option.
· Why Is It Good? The information provided by the IMF enables you to get an idea of whether a country is having financial trouble, based on loans and balance of payments. Only useful for technically oriented information because it is very specific.
· Ease Of Use: Good - requires adobe acrobat.
· Who Runs It? IMF - International organization with 182 member countries.
· Cost? FREE

5globe Tradeport
· Purpose: Provides trade information on different countries.
· Content: Demographics, background notes, political environment. More specific information about countries is listed as well. Good links to other sites.
· Why Is It Good? Provides links and contact information and e-mails to reach consultants for more information about certain countries.
· Ease Of Use: Excellent, simple design, user friendly.
· Who Runs It? BAYTRADE and LA TRADE. Developed by SAIC Internet Solutions.
· Cost? FREE

3globe International Business Forum
· Purpose: Covers business, economy, exports and imports of different countries around the world
· Content: Provides information about business opportunities in the international marketplace. Intended for companies wishing to export or expand into foreign markets as well as for those interested to acquire products and services from other countries.
· Why Is It Good? Provides links and contact information and e-mails to reach consultants for more information about certain countries.
· Ease Of Use: Good, easy to use. Mostly text.
· Who Runs It? International Business Forum.
· Cost? FREE


4globe Asia-Pacific International Trade Business Directory
· Purpose: To provide information for businesses in the Asia-Pacific region.
· Content: Information on doing business, business directories, marketing, services, products, payments and resources.
· Why Is It Good? It is a well-organized site with a good number of basic resources for doing business in the Asian-Pacific region.
· Ease Of Use: Very easy to use-well organized.
· Who Runs It? CNCTEK.
· Cost? FREE

3globe High Tech in Hong Kong
· Purpose: To stimulate the growth of Hong Kong's high-technology industry.
· Content: A directory of high tech companies in Hong Kong, and organizations related to the high tech industry in Hong Kong.
· Why Is It Good? Provides a jumping off point for finding the high tech industry in Hong Kong.
· Ease Of Use: Okay-site layout; a bit annoying.
· Who Runs It? Hong Kong Industrial Technology Centre Corporation.
· Cost? FREE

3globe Indonesia Business Online
· Purpose: To provide an electronic meeting place for businesses related to Indonesia and for people seeking information about Indonesia.
· Content: Listing of a variety of business contacts in categories including consumer goods, food and comestible commodities, industrial and raw materials, medical equipment, professional service, technology and transportation. Also listed are some job opportunities in Indonesia and links to the Jakarta Stock exchange.
· Why Is It Good? It’s a good site to begin looking for industry and country information about Indonesia. Also is useful in providing information on travel in Indonesia.
· Ease Of Use: Okay-site a bit awkward.
· Who Runs It? Internet Nusa Bhakti.
· Cost? FREE


                                           Middle East News and Information

5globe Islamic Centre for Development of Trade: Trade Guide
· Purpose: To help develop economic and commercial resources in Islamic states.
· Content: A vast array of information about Iran ranging from info on the trade structure of Iran, foreign trade regulations, financial regulations for foreign trade operations and info on customs taxation. Also contains trade guides and information on the legal framework of trade in Iran.
· Why Is It Good? This is a must read for anyone looking to export to or do business in Iran. Studying this site will be a great help in helping anyone wishing to do business in Iran and avoiding any possible pitfalls of such an operation.
· Ease Of Use: Okay-pdf files a bit cumbersome.
· Who Runs It? Islamic Centre for Development of Trade.
· Cost? FREE

4globe AWO: Arab World Online
· Purpose: To provide information for all types of users of the Internet on the Arab world.
· Content: Mainly country information on Middle Eastern and Arabian countries. This usually includes government contacts, trade balance statistics with the US and various links to private sector resources.
· Why Is It Good? This site is a good resource for Arabian markets and business information, something that is hard to find for the most part.
· Ease Of Use: Easy to use-good layout makes for quick location of pertinent information.
· Who Runs It? National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC) and Multitasking Online.
· Cost? FREE

4globe Arab Net
· Purpose: To provide information on Arab countries
· Content: Information includes history, geography, business, culture, government, transportation, and tourism.
· Why Is It Good? It provides information on Arabian culture and customs. Important information for potential business markets.
· Ease Of Use: Okay-there is no clear categorizing of information.
· Who Runs It? ArabNet Technology (ANT).
· Cost? FREE

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